A Bridge Too Far

D L Henderson
4 min readSep 8, 2023


Artificial Intelligence -

September 8. 2023

Note: This ismy knee jerk response to Brian Tubbs article, https://medium.com/blow-your-stack/what-are-the-ethical-rules-for-ai-usage-and-who-makes-them

Artificial Intelligence is a bridge too far.

You might be thinking of some kind of glorified computers, but A.I. is far more than that.

Of course, I use a laptop and have applications like spell check and audio readers. That gives me options. I emphasize, the options remain with me. I use Google Search. It doesn’t use me. For writing my essays, I use my computer to find facts, proper definitions and encyclopedic treatises. Those research tools replace footwork and using hard print books I have at home. They are conveniences I have learned to use by necessity, because I am mostly blind and can no longer drive myself to the Library. Yet, it is me and my brain doing the actual editing and choosing what words, facts, and opinions I put in my compositions.

Artificial Intelligence is a bridge too far because it robs us of exercising our own free will in choosing and thinking for ourselves.

A.I. is the base function for a mechanized idol which can replace Humans in every aspect, including having dominion over our lives. I already have the Living God of Bible fame, and I have no use for this man made demigod, and I fear for those enamored with its prospects.

Artificial Intelligence is a bridge too far, because having other gods before Him makes cynicism toward God, Jesus, and the Bible expand exponentially.

As a Labor Rep, the replacement of men and women in the Manufacturing Sector, leaving them in the lurch while the Corporations sail on to higher profits, I believe is an immoral and heartless act. The reality is that Corporations have no use for people whenever they can be replaced. They are bothersome and get in the way of Profits. A.I. has opened the door for peopleless Businesses. Boards of Directors are slobbering over it. The Service Sector jobs are next. Here’s a little aside… if it benefits one person at the expense of another, or if one person suffers so another can benefit, or does one’s success erase the failure of the other, is that virtuous?

Artificial Intelligence is a bridge too far, because it is immoral to harm your neighbor. I think Jesus said that. Yes. I’m sure of it! Harming others, from the perspectives in the Bible, is sin — Sin with a capital “S.”

The definition of Art is enough to preclude A.I. from the Field of the Humanities: MerriamWebster.com puts it this way — Art is “skill acquired by experience, study, or observation; the conscious use of skill and creative imagination especially in the production of aesthetic objects.”

Maybe you missed the fact that A.I.’s function is only to reap from the online universe of the world of computers and only copying what it finds on all online sources, including those private entries of the masses of online users.. In that sense, it is a mere machine that can only plagiarize the skill and steal the creative imaginative work of people. It has no imagination itself. It’s basically an electronic mathematical algorithm with incredibly fast-working microchips. That is not imagination. It’s not creating. It’s simply stealing.

Artificial Intelligence is a bridge too far, because it is fake and it breaks the 8th Commandment, “You shall not steal.” It is a bridge too far, because God says so… “Says who? Says God.

Now, further responding to your publication, concerning “helping people with their writing,” what runs askew in your theoretical proposition is the stark reality that people always are looking for the most convenient and “efficient” way to do things, to get their chores out of the way so they can relax. Convenience breeds laziness, and laziness breeds an idle mind: “What does ‘an idle mind is devil’s workshop’ mean? — Quora — https://www.quora.com › …The phrase just means that people who have nothing worthwhile to do or think about will usually think of something bad to do.” So, I predict people will “think of something bad to do.” Already simple phones are addicting children and too often draining them of so much hope that the “bad to do” thing they think about doing is SUICIDE! I really think that “supersizing” it will “supersize” the negative consequences.

Artificial intelligence is a bridge too far, because it foments idleness, increases harmful thinking, and basically numbs the brain, especially the developing brains of vulnerable adolescents.

Artificial Intelligence combined with today’s deteriorating condition of Education paints a sad picture of a bridge too far for the future of today’s youth.



D L Henderson

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