Biblical and Scientific Theory

D L Henderson
8 min readOct 24, 2023

October 24, 2023

Online platforms, like the one where I post my essays, have many diverse and divergent opinions. Many of those opinions are based on some research, but the sources and the fidelity of facts presented never seem to be established. Such confirmation of the information never seems to be cited. My goal is always — not only to cite my sources, but to establish their credibility. Also, through real life applications I can testify personally to their validity. Now, I could consider my essays to be just as much opinion as any others, but I don’t. Why? I know they are true since I have been witnessing the facts in real life and experiencing applications now for over some fifty years.

Yet, many rightly note that experiences are not necessarily validated by any scientific method. However, my hypothesis begins with experience, and those experiences are validated both before and after reading the Bible. Then, the words, precepts, and historical stories from the Bible texts are validated in my real, everyday, “meat and potatoes,” down to earth living.

For example, when I write about the Bible Creation Story, because I was not there, it is only my opinion. It is just as much a theory as the Big Bang. Both accounts, then, are open to question and debate, because when the Universe came into being, no one was there. Yet through further steps in the Scientific Method, truth can be deduced.

So let’s talk about it…

From one website, there are interesting points but a lot of speculative gibberish, too… The following quotes, however, are well thought through perspectives that I took from that essay:

  • “Despite the discovery of a great deal of structure in the distribution of the galaxies, most cosmologists still hold to the cosmological principle either for philosophical reasons or because it is a useful working hypothesis that no observation has yet contradicted.”
  • “In a conventional explosion, material expands out from a central point. A short moment after the explosion starts, the centre will be the hottest point. Later there will be a spherical shell of material expanding away from the centre until gravity brings it back down to Earth. The Big Bang — as far as we understand it — was not an explosion like that at all. It was an explosion of space, not an explosion in space.”
  • The observable part is very large, but it is probably very small compared to the whole universe, which may even be infinite. We have no way of knowing what the shape of the universe is beyond the observable horizon, and no way of knowing whether the cosmological principle has any validity on the largest distance scales possible.

It seems to me, after reading the entire article — which I suggest the reader should do — that the Big Bang Theory is just a Scientific opinion. In some ways, it sounds logical, but it is continually evolving, because the Scientists have varying opinions of what aspects to add to or to remove from the Theory.

Then. is it Science or Philosophy? We all have clouded vision because of pre-established prejudicial views. I’ll attempt to clear the air…

First, is the Big Bang any more reliable than the Bible’s account?

I think “No.” It is a matter of choice. It is a matter of Faith, that is, a personal persuasion. The Big Bang appears to be a matter of individual philosophy and development of a Faith apart from God — God who the Bible is said to have created the Universe and everything in it. Many Scientists have rejected God entirely and have become closed-minded in that regard. Some have not, and they interweave them both into, let’s politely say, an intricate quilt.

So is rejection of hypotheses the foundation of the Scientific Method? Not by its definition.

How have these cosmological speculations found applications in real life? I think in this, observable facts give the Bible a tremendous advantage in establishing the Genesis account. For how has this particular arm of Science positively improved individuals, their lives, and all of Mankind?

All I see is a never ending quest to displace the Biblical Story of Creation — which they never seem able to do. In addition, more impressive telescopes have to be constructed to see further and further out into the Cosmos in both space and time. The Moon has to be colonized for more research and development. However, is that project for answers to Origins or to exploit the minerals and establish military outposts? The same scenario involves the Mars Project. Eventually, such Scientists promise to find the definitive answer in the Quest to find the Origins of the Universe — no matter how many billions and billions of dollars it costs, no matter how many lives are lost. So why expend all that time, energy, and wealth?

Why? Their passion, their mission in life is to prove the Bible wrong, Science the superior Faith, and thus proving the Bible not only wrong, but completely ignorant foolishness. Why? Maybe false pride? I can only guess. All I know is it seems to fit a pattern of many cynics who are not content to discuss and debate, they have become possessed by the notion that God of Biblical account does not exist, and if He does, He is somehow evil, and they fanatically proclaim their concept of the Doctrine of Scientific Faith.

Why? Again I can only speculate. I do want to know how all their Cosmological Science has improved their lives or the lives of Humanity. Please note, I am specifically referring to the Science of the Cosmos.

For the most part, the two Faiths are diametrically opposed. “Never the twain shall meet.” But wait. I have nothing against the Scientific Method. So what do they have against Faith in God?

So, please, allow me to present my arguments which have persuaded me to believe in the Biblical account and therefore is where I have chosen to concentrate my Faith, that is, living out the pragmatic aspects of believing God, Jesus, and the Bible.

First, I acknowledge that the “scientists” of religion, called Theologians, have evolving opinions also. Just like the Big Bang Theory has changed over the Centuries, so too religious perspectives of the Creation Story have changed.

Nevertheless, what I mean to talk about is not Denominational Christianity, but more like the persons who have found a personal friendship with the Creator Himself, those who have become Twice Born Believers, those who have received internal improvements to their lives, and hopefully, are trying to share those improvements, the hows and the whys, with all of Humanity.

I know that that sharing is a real thorn in the sides of the Scientific, Agnostic, Atheist, and Denominational Christian communities, but we too, now Believers all, once were very cynical — as all of us will testify. (What I mean by “cynical,” at this point, is to express a mindset like the cautious skepticism of the Twelve Disciples who eventually left their unbelief behind, and they came around to believing totally in who Jesus was.)

So, what has changed? What is it that causes a person to leave unbelief behind? It is the presence of the Spirit of God in our daily lives, changing us internally so that externally we will be better able to be the persons we ought to be — whether or not others believe our testimonies or not, and whether or not we measure up to their personal arbitrary standards..

Believing is still, and will always remain being, an individual’s choice.

You see, the Bible itself has not changed. Just as the Universe has not changed in its dynamics. The problem is within our understanding and Biblical interpretation of the observable facts in both Faiths. It seems to me that those observable facts are demonstrated by what is apparently changing in Believers’ lives.

At one website, there is a lengthy list of New Testament verses referencing the Genesis account of Creation. As far as consistency goes, the Bible is not always changing, and even attests “Jesus Christ is the same yesterday, today, and forever.”

Here are just a few developments in my understanding of English words used in our Bible — word studies which have changed and/or deepened my understanding of the Bible’s teachings through proper research of words in their original language:

  • “day” can refer to an unspecified period of time, although God could have made the Universe instantaneously. From the human perspective,, where our finite minds cannot comprehend eternity, where neither time nor distance exists, where we are totally conditioned to the phenomenon of sunrise/sunset, where using clocks to measure time, and where we use maps to calculate distances, and where adding the concept that there is none of these dynamics in the eternal realm of God, our conditioned mindset blocks our view and conclusions.
  • “holy” is simply someone or something that is “set apart” and in the Bible, is set apart for God and His purposes — “Therefore, come out from among unbelievers, and separate yourselves from them, says the LORD.”
  • testimony of eyewitnesses — “We proclaim to you the one who existed from the beginning, whom we have heard and seen. We saw him with our own eyes and touched him with our own hands. He is the Word of life.”

Jesus proved that He is who He says he is by miracles that gave weight to His stature as God in the flesh, the promised Messiah, and subsequently, vouching for the accuracy of the whole Bible. For example, At the Cana wedding where Jesus turned water into wine, “What Jesus did here in Cana of Galilee was the first of the signs through which he revealed his glory; and his disciples believed in him.” Note that “glory” is better translated in the Hebrew sense of the word, which implies “weight.” That is, Jesus’ miracles that the New Testament writers testified to, “gave credence” to His teachings and His claim to being the Messiah.

So, what has that to do with the difference between the Creation Story and the Big Bang Theory? I’ll use a couple Bible quotes to help explain…

“Jesus replied, ‘Moses permitted divorce only as a concession to your hard hearts, but it was not what God had originally intended.’ “ and, “‘Haven’t you read the Scriptures?’ Jesus replied. ‘They record that from the beginning God made them male and female’ ” (emphasis mine).

What I mean to illustrate in those two passages is the continuity of Bible history and precepts — through Moses all the way back to the Creation account in the very first chapter of Genesis. Those passages of Jesus quoting the Scriptures “originally intended” and”from the beginning,” considering who He was, seems to me very supportive of the opinion that the Bible account of Creation is precisely accurate. Do you remember in Scientific Methodology, the formulation and testing…of hypotheses?

Still a choice, still a matter of opinion? Certainly. Yet, how did that pickup truck arrive in your driveway? An explosion expanding a Factory? So, where did that factory come from? …I know the universe of the auto industry exploded on the scene. was it without anyone having anything to do with it. Think about it…

As for me, I think the Big Bang is more fantasy than the Bible record. How about you? How does belief in one or the other Theory affect anyone’s life? I suggest that you find out for yourself.



D L Henderson

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