Brave New World

D L Henderson
1 min readSep 7, 2023

September 4, 2023

Do people wonder anymore? Has curiosity died? Are we now know-it-alls, above the fray, or are we, in our vain conceits, becoming know-nothings?

Do we challenge authority to tell us why they are qualified to be in charge of any aspect of our lives? Do we let others do our thinking for us? Worst of all, are we going to let algorithms think for us? …Make decisions for us? …Tell us what we should believe? …Set our goals? …Set our daily routines?

In manufacturing, the trade journals have never shown people working with their equipment, and in reality, Corporate Amerika do not want people working in their facilities at all. Now comes the quest to replace people in Executive Suites with A.I. computerized robots.

Can computers do a better job? Are computers worthy to replace those human authorities we have stopped challenging? Should these robots be in charge?

Computer robots say, “Yes.”

Since childhood, I have read many books and seen many Sci-fi movies about this brave new world…

They don’t end well.



D L Henderson

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