Conflict of Interest

D L Henderson
2 min readJul 10, 2018

It seems to me that there are a lot of smart people out there. I’ve started to read their blogs. And it also seems there are many kind people out there too. Well meaning, smart…Hmmmm…

Please help me, for I am rather dim witted and very slow on the uptake. I may retain information well, I understand English, put everything together within all the dynamics and moving parts, but coming to the realization of truth can be a very different and evasive thing…

For example, I was 28 years old when I realized that during High School a person is meant to metamorphosis from being a child into being an adult. (Now I believe in the mantra “It’s never too late,” but that was sort of kind of late.)


Bible believing Christians, do you even read what you claim you believe in? If you have, you need to keep reading and re-reading until you actually start realizing some concepts and principles therein:

Should you be campaigning for political rulers to reign over you? I Samuel 8:6–9, in my understanding says “Nyah, probably not so much.”

How great is your ability to choose your suitable overlord? I Samuel 9:1–2 Outward appearances? Nyah…I mean, How’s that working out for ya? Maybe Psalm 12:7–8 contains a clue for y’all.

Right to Life? You may well be concerned for the lives of the unborn, and that is probably a righteous cause, but what about the lives of the already born? Now, what did that itinerant rabbi from Nazareth say about the little children?

Just a passing thought: Instead of kidnapping children or throwing mothers who have had abortions in jail why not have your rulers provide for them so they are not falling into overwhelmingly desperate straits? You know, like havens from evil, welcoming the stranger, prenatal care, health care for all, and so on. Would that be such a bad thing? Who has convinced you those types of provisions would be soooo against your self-interest? The super rich? Yeah. I’d listen to them, because I’m sooo sure they have your best interest at heart. I’m really sure they have their priorities straight.

I wish all who claim to be Bible believers would especially read at least the first few chapters Isaiah. Otherwise, if I could borrow a phrase from Miss Emma, I call, “b.s.”!



D L Henderson

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