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2 min readFeb 14, 2024


Dear Cynicallydepressed,

If I remember correctly, the first thing I did was try to establish that I never support bigotry in any form and that, from my point of view, Lilith was reading too much into the video being discussed as, it seems, many others did as well.

Perhaps, the reliance on symbolism you mention is the weakest part of communication similar to the old adage, "Beauty is in the eye of the beholder." My approach is to communicate with words with the understanding that people have different meanings for the same words.

May I point out that your belief that the majority rules in the realm of opinion as the supreme and deciding factor as to which is correct and which is error, I keep on picking on Nazi Germany, but, I ask you, "Was their majority in any way correct?"

The idea of subjectivity as the reigning king I believe is ridiculous in deciding the verity or accuracy or the intrinsic value of an idea.

You might also know that by parenthesizing "others" I was talking about the divisive aspect of automatically putting people on the opposing side of a battle, dehumanizing them as inferior folk. That doesn't mean the author is wrong about something, but lumping people into groups of "the others" is not conducive to resolution of differences of opinions. That kind of approach implies that someone is superior, that their ideas and views are superior.

But maybe, just maybe, they got it wrong.

(As an aside, I have no idea what you mean by my using "whataboutism" - whatever that is.)

Some people have this fallback position that either God or Christians or both are responsible for everything bad that happens or ever has happened.

Sure! It couldn't possibly be that other people or entities have or have had anything to do with anything bad happening! ( Please note, I meant the precedinging with dripping sarcasm.)

Not once did I tell anyone what to think, but I certainly criticized how they were saying it. Accusing is not reasoning - as your tactic seems to be with me. (But I'm a big boy now, and I can take it. I also am choosing to turn to you my other cheek, if you want to take another swing.) So, no offense taken.

Stones. Stones. Everywhere stones!



D L Henderson

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