Dear Mr. Foster, Dear Mr. Foster

Dear Mr. Foster,

First, I apologize for having to write this essay as an essay, but I’m pretty much a techno-idiot and couldn’t find how to respond to your response privately. Sorry. This is a response to your response to my response to one of your essays, maybe “7 Sermons I Regret.” I don’t really remember anything well anymore, I couldn’t find what I had printed out, and my wife has gone to bed. So, I have no hope of finding it tonight. Anyways…

We could get into a silly game of conversational ping pong here where you say I am judging you and I respond well now you are judging me, etc. etc. etc. Notwithstanding, you seem to have developed the habit of excluding the whole presentation of the Bible and, of much less import, of my essay in response to your article.

Now, I was trying to point out, awkwardly perhaps, how you bludgeoned the parable you used into an unrecognizable mess. Or, how about this: You were pastor of a church and did not “shepherd the sheep” successfully and now blame them for whatever and whenever it is convenient, judging them and not considering that maybe, just maybe you didn’t understand them, let alone teach them well. You currently move away from clear Biblical precepts and twist them into lies which only benefit your postulated arguments… Yes. tis true. I only know you by your profile and your writings. Tis also true that at first, I thought we were “kindred spirits.” However, I still believe the Bible with the necessary “rightly dividing the word of truth” while I judge you are wandering far afield in a reactionary attempt to shepherd, well, somebody somewhere. I am not judging you personally… just what you write. Wandering far afield is what I consider reprobate. How about this: Your anchor has broken loose, and you are adrift in the storm of opinions, and your boat is foundering. I think you are not walking on the water very well, either, because you are walking away from Jesus, not toward Him.

Oh, and by the by, judging others is way above my pay grade. So, I don’t.