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Doctrines smocktrines. Doctrines are the selective opinions of men about what the Bible has recorded. Experience is defined by Merriam Webster: "1a: direct observation of or participation in events as a basis of knowledge

b: the fact or state of having been affected by or gained knowledge through direct observation or participation

2a: practical knowledge, skill, or practice derived from direct observation of or participation in events or in a particular activity

b: the length of such participation

has 10 years' experience in the job

3: something personally encountered, undergone, or lived through

4a: the conscious events that make up an individual life

b: the events that make up the conscious past of a community or nation or humankind generally

5: the act or process of directly perceiving events or reality

If you cannot understand that, I cannot help you to understand any further. If you want tell me what other "doctrines " you need explained to you and I will try to help. But seriously and unfortunately, I think you really aren't listenning and trying to undeerstand.

Religion defined ibid is : "a personal set or institutionalized system of religious attitudes, beliefs, and practices. " Faith by rote, not by applications in real life.



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