Guns, guns, guns

D L Henderson
2 min readJun 3, 2018

Some time ago someone was arguing that we need more guns in this country ,because gee whiz golly, look at how safe the Israelis are!

… …


Guns in Israel and guns in the U.S. are two completely different things: In Israel they belong to members of a well regulated militia. I seem to remember reading somewhere…Isn’t it supposed to be the same way in the good old U.S.of A.?

Let’s think back…In pioneer days, gun owners were ready to join the regular Army (British or Colonial) and so to enter the theater of operations as conscripts, that is, so to fight against whatever current threat was facing the nation.

Now, in Israel there is a constant and continuing threat to their nation. They are actually in a state of war, because their enemies have sworn their destruction. I doubt very much that the vast majority of gun owners in the U.S.are like-minded, ready to enter such a battlefield. (I believe most are actually chickenhawks who think the size of their gun shows the size of their whatever. I also doubt that most have had military training or have experienced battle.)

When our forefathers wrote the U.S. Constitution and the Bill of Rights, guns were single shot muskets. The same were used for hunting and self-defense. Those who try to argue they have 2nd Amendment rights to own today’s assault style weapons are idiots.
I have no particular objection to gun ownership for hunters and hobbyists, collectors and sportsman, for that matter, all responsible gun owners, but I doubt that any hunter would consider going out in the field with a novice who hadn’t had proper training and orientation, or in fact go out with anyone toting a machine gun. (Even soldiers have to surrender their weapons of war at the end of their mission or return to base )

P.S. — Now, the simplest and most basic of safety principles is knowing what is down range…Some advocates insist that teachers, et al, should be armed in the classroom movie theaters ,ad nauseum. So, in a situation where the first responders arrive, I have a question: How will they decide who is, or who are the bad guy[s] since apparently everybody is shooting at everybody?

Idiocy! Plain everyday idiocy…

P.S.S — I would feel safe in Israel with armed citizens near me, but here? No thank you!



D L Henderson

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