D L Henderson
2 min readNov 8, 2023


I agree with most of your viewpoints, except for a skewed political view hiding within the following paragraph where, in my opinion, you commit the same error that you are exposing:

"Our moment is the product of rapid transformation in Western societies in which religious society has been replaced by liberal democracies and a belief in the power of the free market, a belief that is currently eroding into the various forms of political tribalism, apocalyptic anxiety and listless apathy that defines the post-covid era of the Western world."

This reflects your own underlying assumption that Liberalism is an enemy that must be squashed by a superior Conservative construct.

The unholy Celebration of the god of Materialism - who brings either Judgment or Fulfillment based on your wrong or correct Behavior - is fast approaching. A philosophy on which the Free Market depends. The Free Market is more a right-sided approach than, say, my Labor Union strategies...

Now, as an aside, I vote for leaders who will do what is best for the Nation, as in voting for Ronald Reagan's second term, because I saw an overarching strategy that would end the Cold War - vastly most important for everything else. I do not vote based on Party affiliation, which is to say, I am not bound by past, present, or future - though you may disagree with my self-assessment. Obviously, I do lean moderately towards the left politically.

But I am getting off track...

In my opinion, you should know the history of a dichotomy set up by opposing views of Conservatism and Liberalism. The basis of Conservatism comes from the pompousness of Royalty - Kings and Nobles, peerage and serfdom and a life of servitude for ordinary folk. Liberalism, on the other hand, champions such virtues as equality, personal freedom, and accomplishing self reliance and self-determination.

The divergent and incompatible political opinions have always been the source of friction and conflict in Societies between independence and servitude.

It's important, even essential, that you understand the roots of this dichotomy.

Otherwise, you wrote a very intelligent and discerning essay.



D L Henderson

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