D L Henderson
6 min readAug 29, 2022

I hope this offering will be a reasonable treatise on a difficult reality.

I cannot possibly keep up with all the new and expansive variations of the evolving acronym LGTBQ+. With all its metamorphosing extensions of an alternate sexist universe of diverging alternatives to the natural order of procreation. You know male/female, girls and boys and how babies are made. And I do emphasize that it is sexist…

Chauvinism by any other name is still chauvinism.

So I begin.

It used to be so simple. The genitals a person was born with determined that person’s sex and their responsibilities.

Mother Nature has her ways, but I think civilization has been drifting away into a maelstrom of an inability to navigate the natural waters of the created world. My theory is that since we are very much living in an artificial physical environment completely separate from the natural world — a world which has existed from the beginning of time — people have been growing up without any natural grounding. It’s like trying to maneuver without gravity. That is, children have no reasonable center to orient themselves. A man-made technological and artificial “intelligence” and asphalt and cement surroundings leave little chance for a healthy interactive way of living and learning. People who are a part of Nature have to grow up as complete foreigners from that real world. I mean, what can one learn from a block of cement?

Without Nature enveloping us, people want to make up a reality to survive a world of a turbulent artificial ocean, impossible to navigate, being equipped with no compass or a faulty sonar system. Growing up with charts based in depths of emotional chaos instead of surveyed guidance… How are children ever supposed to survive mentally? How are they ever supposed to become themselves, to orient their personalities, when no societal foundation exists — when they are pushed and pulled without structure, without foundation, without a compass?

What has happened, I surmise, without being judgmental, is the result of Society and Civilization which has no grace, no understanding, no mercy. Today’s generations are subject to intimidation and abuse. They have no hard and fast truths. No love and affection. It has become a cold, uninviting, unsavory, disheartening, and intimidating world.

Humanity used to be able to forge their way through the wilderness, but we have run into a wall — a big wall — like the Wall of China big.

Suburbia isn’t any different. It may look pretty as a well landscaped paradise, but it has become a cold, uninviting, unsavory, disheartening, and intimidating world, too. And that in spite of its luxurious surroundings, higher education, and apparent wealth. The housing is not as conducive to neighborliness as it used to be. Its educational institutions are a meandering stream of ever changing priorities. The tolerance of others has evaporated as if no one needs another person. (Never read Thomas Merton’s book of essays No Man is an Island, but the title intrigues me and seems to fit into my point.)

As I perceive the truth of the matter, some homosexuals are actually “born that way.” No matter, it is also often the case of choice. It remains, many are quite nice people no matter what prejudices arise by their sexual orientation. Many are just as nice as any heterosexual. Many, not so much. Certainly, many heterosexuals are horrible persons and are definitely not born that way. Why othersexuals are “born that way,” I can only offer ignorance.

And in my ignorance I still will insist on forging ahead — free speech and all …

Did our false faces develop from victimization? Are we victims of circumstance or victims of consequence? Are these expressed freedoms the results of our own sovereignty, our self determinization?

That seems to me to be a poor offering of shallow theories.

Is it environmental pollution? Is it a collapsing Universe? More like a collapsing Civilization. Too much lead in the water? Too little brotherly love? All of the above? Impossible for me to discern.

Those seem to me to be an offering of paranoid delusions.

My point is that the complexities are unfathomable and probably pointless to this essay anyways. Silly me.

Yet, there is one behavior that stands out, the example perhaps a universal one: the flamboyance acted out by some straight or gay and seems to me to be an over the top staged performance, not genuine at all.

Is it due to some serious deprivation or oppression by society, peers, or family members? God knows. And I believe sorting it all out is in His exclusive Dominion. Again, it’s well above my pay grade… and it is far above yours, too. So let’s stop trying.

Jesus’ parable of a speck of sawdust and a 6x12 beam seems appropriate here.

It just is so sad, the health consequences resulting from aberrant sexual behaviors identified in the acronym: STD. God has a better plan. He hates sin (not the sinner) because of all the resulting and expanding harm.

God’s love is like a parent’s love for their children, only wanting what is best for us. Parents hate to see us hurting and being hurt. God’s love is the same, and He knows a thing or two about what hurts us.

However, as I understand the Bible, sexual sin is still sin whether hetero- of homo- and it produces an especially offensive odor because it is a societal cancer, and it frustrates both the responsibility ordained to cultivate the Garden and Humaity’s responsibility to “replenish” the Earth (which means from the original Hebrew verbage “to fill with people.”)

All this, my speculation about causes for aberrant human behavior, may be an exercise in futility. Nevertheless, the fact remains that in all of Mother Nature, there is male and female and they exist for the purpose of making more males and females. Mother Nature might not be given any weight any more for determining normal behavior, because Mankind increasingly errs in trying to determine what normal is. However, Mankind can never usurp Mother Nature, can never really determine what is natural behavior.

Mankind is just a collection of dust bunnies dancing across the desert of time.

Finally, Mother Nature is not the creator of the Heavens and the Earth. God is. God created Nature. The Father, the Word, and the Spirit worked together to make it all happen. He created male and female in order to fill the Earth with people and to fulfill His particular plan. God created gravity and the whole cornucopia in the natural order.

Humanity was supposed to take care of this beautiful Creation. We were put in charge of maintaining this paradise.

Fine job we’re doing.

Humanity was supposed to rule the preservation of the environment which God created, with activities such as loving one another and working together to fulfill God’s higher purposes. To me, God’s entire plan and purpose remains somewhat clouded in mystery. However, God saw all He had made and saw that “It was very good.” So, there are no excuses sufficient for our absolution, as I perceive it.

There is only the intervention of Jesus that can turn things around in either people or in Civilization.

Sin is doing harm — being harmful to that purpose and plan, harmful to one another, and even doing harm to ourselves.

What is going on today is not very good at all. It is increasingly harmful, building one destructive pursuit onto another.

People need to turn away from all the hurtfulness we are causing and turn around to doing God’s plan. Jesus instructed everyone, “Love one another. As I have loved you, so you must love one another.” (John 13:34, NIV)

Not so easy these days, is it?

I still think His plans are better than ours.



D L Henderson

Born 1950; HS 1968; Born again 1972; Cornell ILR; Steward, Local President/Business Agent; Husband, father, grandfather; winner/loser/everything in between