D L Henderson
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February 2, 2024

One criticism of Bible Believing Christians some people are promoting is, as far as I understand it, “Christians have faults.” Standing back and looking at it written on the chalkboard, it becomes a silly accusation, in my estimation.

You see, in order to become a born again Believer, a person has to admit their sinfulness, that they have faults!

Naturally, we Christians have faults — some more than others. But, I always suggest turning that glass around to see an image of yourself. Then you might be able to peer through the glass more clearly.

Of course, the next criticism on the list is a Believers have a judgmental attitude…

Whoa! Wait a sec!

Yes. “Believers are judgmental.”

Let’s write that one on the chalkboard, too, and take a gander….

So, wow. Okay. Perhaps the accusers of the brethren get the two uses of the word mixed up. They get confused over “judgmental” and the use of “good judgment.”

Synonyms for “good judgment” are assessment, appraisal, evaluation, impression, perception, and estimation, as, “In my estimation, that would be a bad idea.”

The complaint aimed at Believers is more like this: “They make quick characterizations with a habit to judge harshly and in a condemning way.” No. That is just false. Rather, I see most Believers are using their good judgment to show people the error of their way and a way they can correct it.

So, that complaint against Believers also seems silly to me.

Believers who understand Jesus’ Beatitude, “Blessed are the merciful, for they shall obtain mercy,” makes that accusation far fetched.

Sure. There are people in every group or organization that are in error, and haven’t really embraced the fullness of their association, and do not represent it well, and so are not great ambassadors for the cause.

Look. A T-Ball youngster might take awhile to understand that after he hits the ball, he is supposed to run to first base, not third. Correcting that error is not being judgmental.

Generally speaking, most all of the complaints come from the more serious agnostics and atheists who not only have an axe to grind, but insist on grinding it on the heads of Believers. They feel it is their duty to rake Believers over the coals.

Oddly, they want to convert us.

That’s another complaint against lots of Christians which really raises their hackles.

…Jesus told Believers, “Don’t worry about it. They did the same to me and worse.” — John 15:18.

Look, everyone can believe in whatever they want to believe — from who’s going to win the World Series to the weather forecast, to whether there is a heaven and a hell, or whether people have souls or are simply a biomass of wasted space…

That is the enigma of God giving us free will.

Look around. How is human nature working out? We even shit where we live: The Earth’s environment is at the edge of collapsing.

Every one of mankind’s inventions is repurposed into war machines. We’re even making robots to replace ourselves, and they too will eventually come into executive positions of waging wars.

So, this purging of good judgment and godly morality continues to me to go far beyond complete silliness. As we continue to purge God from every facet of life, and community, and existence, everything is sliding sideways and will soon fall apart.

Beyond “silliness,” it is most serious and rapidly continuing a downward spiral of self-destruction.

“…when the Son of Man comes, will he find faith on the earth?”” — Luke 18:8.

Maranatha! Lord come quickly!



D L Henderson

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