D L Henderson
Feb 27, 2024

All homicides: Number of deaths: 26,031

Firearm homicides: Number of deaths: 20,958


“In 2023, the overdose death rate topped 112,000 in a 12 month period for the first time, according to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention..” —

“More than one million people have died since 1999 from a drug overdose. In 2021, 106,699 drug overdose deaths occurred in the United — States.”

Homicide & Manslaughter - Y 2022, 62; Y2023, 29; YTD, 14.

So, 26,000 murders per year by citizens — 21,000 by guns — compared to an average of 21 per year by illegals… and we kill ourselves with drugs at a rate above 100,000 per year… So let’s blame ourselves before we bite on the GOP bait, hook line and sinker and play their Blame Game… How about fixing the damn problems instead?!?



D L Henderson

Born 1950; HS 1968; Born again 1972; Cornell ILR; Steward, Local President/Business Agent; Husband, father, grandfather; winner/loser/everything in between