Six Six Six

D L Henderson
3 min readDec 5, 2023

Six Six Six

November 27, 2023

This is the last of my older essays from early in my walk with Jesus. Printed in The Island Dispatch, way back when. I might have some edits updating or clarifying my thoughts. Any major edits will have been bracketed { }.

In a version of numerology, some assign the number “6” to Man, because on the sixth day of Creation, God made Mankind.

Like God, made in the image of God, we have the imitating ability to make things. We call that ability the science of “technology.” One of Mankind’s traits and hence, “6.”

Like his Heavenly Father, Man puts value on things. The way we value things is by another invention we call “money.” Another “6.”

Like our Heavenly Father, we have the need for recognition. We call that “prestige.” So, again, “6.”

Unlike the Creator, however, man is twisted and our thinking has become perverse. Prestige is simply false pride. We have the idea but without any substance to fulfill it. We are greedy for gaining stature and often find it in the company we keep, finding a type of exclusiveness and justifiable veneration within our group of peers. In addition man has declared himself independent from God. Therefore, the motivation to seek God is nonexistent. We think we are self-sufficient.

Even though deep down inside we know that we need God, we insist on continuing down the twisted path. We go to great lengths to invent our own gods, made in our own likeness and image, singing this song: “We don’t need the Almighty God of the Bible: our technology will save us… “We don’t need God: our money will always sustain us… We don’t need God: our prestige will uphold us…”

All these things: Technology, Money, and Prestige are Man’s inventions and are formed into an unholy trinity: “666.” Those in power extol them and evangelize its gospel, {baptizing nations in their name in the waters of A.I., and teaching people to follow life’s principles ordained by the World Monetary Fund, and insisting on the acceptance of the guidance of the Members of the G7 and 20, continuing to seduce the world with the whore of Babylon riding atop their pet Beast.} (See Revelations 13.}

Yet, in these turbulent times, perhaps we can begin to see the significance and surpassing need for us all returning to God, Jesus, and the Bible. Perhaps we can see the weaknesses, the utter helplessness and futility and betrayal of the god of mankind’s invention.

God truly cares for us, continuing to reach out to every one of us. If we will only turn away from our own ways and the ways of that false god, turning to Jesus who will turn to us and lead us home by way of His righteousness.

Remember that there is no shame in admitting our need for Almighty God. Why would there be?



D L Henderson

Born 1950; HS 1968; Born again 1972; Cornell ILR; Steward, Local President/Business Agent; Husband, father, grandfather; winner/loser/everything in between