Space, the Final Frontier

It is fascinating to me that $10,000,000,00 can be spent out of our (taxpayer) money to fund this one NASA project. Why? We still have children living in poverty, others struggling to find affordable health care, and the many homeless who struggle to find jobs to again be providers rather than outcasts… Oh, and people walking two miles every day for water to drink…

And what is this latest and greatest from NASA? That ten billion dollars already spent on the NASA Webb Telescope is for their continuing mission — unlike Star Trek’s Captain Jean Luk Picard — NASA’s mission is to confirm that God had nothing to do with Creation but instead, in the total emptiness of the void of Space, everything suddenly came to be through a process very much like spontaneous combustion. I want my money b

Now, get this: “The closest system is Alpha Centauri, with Proxima Centauri as the closest system star at 4.25 light-years from Earth. The brightest among these systems, as well as the brightest in Earth’s night sky, is Sirius…” (Wikipedia) So that distance would be over four times that 5,878,625,370,000 miles! Also add this to your computation: “Saying we were a space shuttle that travelled five miles per second, given that the speed of light travels at 186,282 miles per second, it would take about 37,200 human years to travel one light year.” Again multiply four times… They can’t be serious about traveling to Sirius!

Finally then, the telescope’s findings need to be confirmed. Who’s signing up to buy tickets for that little excursion? Bring your family ’cause it’s kind of a long trip… But it’s sure to be a real hoot!



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D L Henderson

Born 1950; HS 1968; Born again 1972; Cornell ILR; Steward, Local President/Business Agent; Husband, father, grandfather; winner/loser/everything in between