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You're really trying very hard to be as ignorant as humanly possible, using false dilemmas with hasty and irrelevant arguments. You make false assumptions, stating this or that which are irrelevant to truth and the intelligent discussion I wish to have. They form no basis for discussion, let alone significant debate. You are not discussing. You are just dragging out old and worn, tired objections and opinions of Religious Councils which I. for one, have no intellectual commonality with. Yes. There are plenty of errant false and anti-Christ teachings out there and they all mean nothing to me. So, you're talking to the wrong person about them. Why aren't you discussing my responses, but only your own? Why are you taking the position of a prosecutor when you haven't established the charges against me - not others.

I noticed that you have not published any essays on Medium and apparently prefer taking potshots from a safe distance whenever you find an easy target. Why not try to write an essay? Afraid of the same critical shotgun pointed at you?

Anyways, I refer you to this website: https://wycliffe.org.uk/story/a-brief-history-of-bible-translation

Translations help me tremendously to get to the logos, or ideas, or messages of the writings. Greek and Hebrew Dictionaries are also an amazing help, giving clarity and deeper understanding... things I think you are not particularly interested in.

Choice, as you choose to confine it, is not some sort of illusionary dynamic. It is functional in all aspects of life - both temporal and eternal.

As for your silliness on free will, yes, I can choose to buy an AR style rifle and murder dozens of children, but while the children will spend eternity with Jesus, the shooter will have a lot of explaining to do at the Judgment Seat of Christ, which, of course you don't acknowledge either. You don't seem to acknowledge any truth... So what do you believe about the Cosmos and Mankind's existence in it?

Finally, your appeal to ignorance that one way or the other cannot be proven is simply not a credible objection. You cannot even prove to me that you exist. You might be an A.I. robot... Prove to me that you exist, if you can.

God exists and He rewards those who earnestly seek Him.

Just for one testimony in my pitiful existence is that for a full decade, I smoked about a pack or two of cigarettes every day, since I was 12. Marlboros, Winstons, Pall Mall, Camel, Lucky Strike, whatever, but after I was given a second Spirit birth, in two days, it was like I had never touched another cigarette. It was like I had never smoked...

Am I lying? Prove it.



D L Henderson

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